Monday, May 24, 2010

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Hellooo Everybody (aka Mom, Zoe Jick, and Debby Iken),

Been a while since my last post, and much longer since anything consistent. This is about to change...

I just wanted to say Hola from my semi-resort room in Punta Cana. I arrived in the hot n humid Dominican town at 12:30 this afternoon, and I will be spending the next five weeks on a Columbia U summer science program doing research in the Punta Cana Biodiversity Center to fulfill my remaining six science credits while also having a legit good time. After the program ends in late June, I will take a ferry out to the D.R. village of Las Galeras and meet up with a couple, Cindy and Jose, where I will learn some organic farming skills (part of the ever growing WWOOF movement) until mid August.

So, since I just got here today, I don't have too much to report just yet. There are 12 of us on the program--pretty tiny by all standards, with a T.A. from Spain named Lisa and our professor, named Jane. [Edit: Actually, her name is Jenna!]

Going Kosh will be very tough. It will include rice and beans. And rice and beans. And sometimes pizza for dinner. This diet, coupled with the fact that we are not allowed to throw our toilet paper into the toilet because the sewage system is still one of the 'developing' things in the country (so instead we dispose of it in a garbage pail next to us), is reason enough to keep checking the blog this summer because there could be some very interesting, and potentially quite smelly, stories that come out of it.

With that, I am going to do my reading and pass out.

Much love,


  1. hi i will be following you (on the blog, not in person... but the latter would rule!) and your trip sounds great! can't wait to hear more.

  2. i want a shout out next time.

    also, be sure to include and upload your photos. at least one per post keeps people interested.

    it would be cool to watch ur compost pile grow or whatever that developing thing ur talking about.

  3. Jody Zellman, the current owner of Jonah's yoga mat.May 26, 2010 at 3:56 AM

    I am really disappointed you didn't give Yoav Acoustica a shout out.

    Make sure you don't stick your hand too far into the bathroom side waste bin.

    If you find my long lost cousin, Pepe, tell him grandma misses him.

  4. I believe I follow more avidly than mother does. (I am a more avid follower of the blog than mother?)

    Photos would be more than spectacular

    Much love from Natick

  5. Ur gonna go kosher? Is that really necessary since shechinah does not reside in the DR? u have nothing to worry about. Leave ur superstitions in america.

    Also good luck I promise u every time u open the shit paper bin u will gag. It gets really nasty when you go places that rarely change and or burn the shit paper.

    jonah let me live vicariously through you ;-)