Wednesday, July 14, 2010

R.I.P., Lil Guy

Two days ago, one of the 8 dogs (named Little Guy because he was the youngest, smallest, and skinniest of the bunch) passed away after two plus days of looking/being horribly sick.

I spent my second Sunday on the farm going back and forth from reading Anna Karenina and holding Lil Guy and helping Cindy administer IV injections and shots to try to help him out.

And then for a couple hours he was just groaning, lying under Cindy's bed (I could hear him from the next room over).

After he died at 4 or so in the afternoon, Cindy and I found a piece of soil that wasn't too rocky and dug a grave and buried him with the other 7 dogs just sitting there watching. It was a pretty shitty afternoon and really the worst part was just holding him when I could feel all of his bones because he hadn't eaten anything in days and that feeling of helplessness because there really was not much we could do (no way to diagnose what he had, no vet around, and even if there was one--no money for a vet).

Dunno this is not a real thought out and formulated post, but I thought I should post in his memory both because even though I only knew him for a week he was really cute and I guess it was definitely an isolated on a farm type of experience...


  1. hey, I happened on this a while back; first of all, that was sad and I'm sorry to hear about Lil Guy...but on a lighter note, I was excited to hear you've been working your way through Anna Karenina in the midst of everything else. I wanted to mention that b/c I just read it this summer too, and thought it was amazing (though it does get long and tedious in places, to be sure), so anyway, just thought I'd say that. take care.

  2. Yes! Great read!
    I gotta say I didn't empathize with Anna's character that much at the end of the day, but I did like and agree with Levin's ending philosophical revelations--not sure if it needed to be 800+ pages, but alright..

  3. Thanks for responding! I actually felt the exact same way about it; both in regard to Anna, although I felt the last scene with her was truly heart wrenching, and especially re: Levin and the note the novel ended on. I'm looking forward to studying it in two different lit classes this fall! well as continuing its original language, in addition to starting Hebrew! which should round out my schedule with complete craziness, but I'm excited.

    at any rate...

    !להתראות יונה