Tuesday, January 20, 2009

biding my time...

When will they let us move into the hopefully now rocket-free Be'er Sheva?
Time will tell...

In the meantime I'm chillen with my group at the international field school at Sde Boker. They do some fascinating work here a la water research, anti-desertification etc. Down the road from us is the Sde Boker Kibbutz, famous because it was the one Ben Gurion himself chose to become a member of back in 1953 (abruptly resigning from politics one day and moving to the then tiny kibbutz of 12 people for a year or so before returning to politics and then finally retiring from politics for good and settling down here till his death in 1973). I've been here several times over the years, and although the views are breathtaking and the stars are gorgeous, one can't help but think it will get boring if we stay here too long.

My Hebrew class is too easy. Will complain tomorrow (I'm in the highest one, so we'll see what fruit this bears...).

Dinner now, Inauguration in an hour! ObamaMania hits the Israeli desert!


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  1. You leave the desert alone. It never did anything to you but tire your people for forty years.

    Yes we can. Obama Obama Obama. Change Change Change.

    Miss you man