Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Up and Running!

Alright! Instead of writing mass emails as done in previous trips to Israel, I will instead post on this nifty lil blog. I arrive in Israel on January, 15th, and soon after the real postings will begin.

For now, a recent ditty from finals week:

You sit across from me,

A couple of tables away.

Twirling your curls,

You suddenly catch my gaze

And flash that grin.

Oh, you can’t put me in that sort of daze!

And at this hour? I’ll never win,

Don’t you know, it’s too late at night for these games,

A real shame.

I try to steal your stare once more,

But you’re too sly for that.

Back to studying, you’ve gone.

Hahhh. The 4am Flirt.

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