Friday, May 29, 2009

One Liners

Program is officially over; my last paper (a 15 pager on the failure of Indo-Pakistani negotiations) is due on Monday.

I am broke.

I sometimes think I fall in love with someone new every day.
Related: women never cease to intrigue, disappoint, arouse, frustrate, and pleasantly surprise me.

I was at the supermarket buying wine and beer for a going away party and was carded for the first time in Israel since I was a 16 year old in Jerusalem. I wasn't really sure how to feel...

On the way back from the market Or, Josh, Elissa, Tali and I spotted 3 puny, newborn kittens lying in the street. Or decided to take them in, at least for now. Naturally, she went home for the holiday of שבועות, leaving me partly in charge of them. I just fed 3 baby cats--tiny, scrawny tufts of puny nothingness, milk out of a former contact lens solution bottle. I had to be careful not to crush the lil guys (or gals? not sure..) in my fingers.

I saw Danny DeVito's butt in the movie Big Fish today.

Tomorrow, as part of the holiday festivities, I will literally make homemade cheese! This is a first I am rather excited for.

I would like for Big Papi to start being a baseball player again. Waiting anxiously for that. Will it happen? Debatable...

It's been a long week of finals and parties, and I am VERY much in need of laundry, a shave, and a good night's shluff.

אז לילה טוב וחג שמח

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